Our children at Hoshinoko-en Tanabata did the drawings for the vending machine!yumeno_img1

We, as a social welfare service corporation that operates numerous care facilities, apartments for the elderly and kindergarten, sympathize with The Dream Hospital project. We decided to support this project by making a donation.

The Dream Vending Machine is one of the Dream Piggy Bank projects run by The Nippon Foundation. 10yen per a drink sold from this vending machine go to the Dream Piggy Bank project. The money will then be donated to the NPO Corporation.

We made The Dream Vending Machine as we very much liked to support the project of this special hospital for children with cancer.

The machine is covered with lovely drawings done by children at Hoshinoko-en Tanabata (We run this qualified nursery kindergarten.)

This vending machine is full of colorful dream like drawings and it is very popular with the clients, children, their families and customers. The contribution of the vending machine is increasing.

We will continue to support The Children’s Chemo House “The Dream Hospital Project” by donating money earned from The Dream Vending Machine.

社団法人日本財団「夢の貯金箱」 NPO法人チャイルド・ケモ・ハウス