No compromise

We do our very best without any hint of compromise for all our customers. We adopt technology, provide employee education, conduct research and build facilities with an attitude. We aim higher with belief and determination.


Our policy towards quality architecture

We are particular about our architecture / how our facilities are constructed. In order to create high-quality facilities that go beyond customer expectations we make sure our care department and the architects aim for the better design together. Our passion for creating outstanding living space is intense.


Our exceptional service

We continuously pursue the better, exceptional services for our customers. It is not only in terms of nursing care. We aim to provide the best cuisine, lovely bathing experience and magnificent living space. Our objective is for our customers to have a better, fulfilled life.


We are fussy about food

We believe that the best ingredients, the skills and the graceful plates create the best dining experience. We do not use the regular dishes used in most care homes. We grow pure organic vegetables in our own farm (13,223 ㎡) and our dedicated and experienced chefs cook every meal. We think that healthy eating means healthy living.

We are an innovative pioneer of welfare industry.

We continue to radiate new values to the welfare industry with unconventional, unique ideas.


Care Meister Scheme

Eager to lead your team? Passionate about learning new skills and techniques? We want you to play a vital role in a good environment. If you are career driven we want you to aim higher. In order to support such staff with ambitions we created this scheme in 2009.

The exam consists of written part and practical part. You can start from the bottom of the hierarchy. As our exams are associated with the care manager exams and those of social care worker you can prepare for the Care Meister scheme efficiently.

Platinum class (and above) holders are responsible for operational and/or administrative management. Their role includes giving lectures at other companies.


Service Meister Scheme

You may already have good skills but if you want to be a real professional in care industry you need “Quality human interaction skill” because “Caring sector is a service sector”. This is becoming a common view – from posture to philosophy – high level of mindset is required.

It has been two years since we introduced this scheme. Senior managers hold classrooms and many staff attend them before the exams. The scheme generates high aspiration and good vibration in the company. Our staff is proud of their work as they can see and feel the progress. We want to create good atmosphere for our staff.



Japan is facing aging society. It is essential to support the elderly together with the community. In this event local children learnt three essential works in adult care by playing three vital roles such as “a care worker”, “a nurse” and “a dietitian”.

Over one hundred people including parents participated to this event. We are planning to do this regularly as it was a huge success. (We had an on-site Kids’n’Care event, too.)


Our special uniform

“Working at nursing care home” probably reminds you of wearing track suits, doesn’t it? And it’s not so cool. We want our staff to be comfortable and stylish at the same time. Osaka College of Mode – famous for budding fashion designers. We commissioned the students to design contemporary uniform for us. Wearing stylish uniform could make care workers to feel special and we hope that this could change the typical stereotype view towards care work.

Management policy

The quadrant method

It is the way of thinking that management is most important to the management of the company.

  • Make it a quarter for your satisfaction with our customers
  • Make a quarter for the development of business
  • Serve to fulfill its role in society with a quarter
  • Prepare for unprepared preparation by a quarter

In accordance with the spirit of the quadrant method, we aim to become a company with sociality and persistence.