Our thoughts are with those who are affected by the disaster occurred on the 11th of march in 2011. We would like to help the sufferers re-built their life. In respect to supporting and helping them we would like to provide them with work and accommodation.

From Tohoku to Akane

Since we started this project two people joined us. One of them, Nanaumi (and his family), moved from Miyagi to Himeji and he is now working at Gin-no-Kai. We asked him about his experience and how he found us.

hisaiti_img1The situation at that time and the current circumstances

“When the earthquake and tsunami hit us I was in Ishinomaki City in Miyagi. I had never experienced such frightening tremor before. And huge tsunami swiped my town away. There was nothing left. No electricity, no water or gas. There was absolutely nothing. Living in an evacuation shelter was very tough. Besides, it was snowing and really freezing there in March.

We had so much support from all over the country we managed to get hold of the main aid to survive within a month. However, the debris and the wreckage from the disaster would never vanish. There are still many people out there facing extremely difficult situation under extreme condition. Things are very slow – not much stuff is improved yet.”

How I heard about this project

“My wife and I lost jobs because of this disaster. We were baffled by the whole thing. We spent ages thinking through whether we should have stayed in Miyagi or not. We were concerned about the future of our children. I then found the job advertisement of Akane at the job agency “Hello Work” in Ishimaki City. It mentioned that they would have accepted the whole family. I spoke to my wife about this ad and applied for the job immediately. After a few days I received a phone call from the director of Akane. She cheered me up and encouraged me to move on. Then I made the final decision. My family and I moved from Miyagi to Himeji.”

hisaiti_img2To everyone at Akane

“We moved here on the 25th of May. We did not have a clue where we were but I started working at Gin-no-Kai from the first of June. It has been very rewarding and worthwhile although it has only been three months. I am very thankful to our director who gave me this opportunity. I would like to return the favor to my colleagues and I would like to enliven the company.”

We hire people from the stricken area

We provide people who come from the disaster area with jobs and accommodation.

We are in need of care-worker. We have care facilities in Amagasaki City, Himeji City and Inagawa-cho Kawabe in Hyogo prefecture. We also have various accommodations for single person and families near the work place.

Details of Company Accommodation